Caesar Chavez Day

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Caesar Chavez Day

The celebration of César Chávez Day is usually held in different parts of the US. This is a state holiday declared in California and also an optional holiday offered states like Texas and Colorado but their celebrations go ahead. Few other states where the celebrations and other activities that happen in the honor of César Chávez such as Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico and Michigan.

The leaders of vital community use this day” César Chávez Day” to speak about the public about the values which are showed by César Chávez in their lifetime and how do they create a optimistic impact on the entire society. You may see various discussions, media attentions and debates that may focus on various issues which he is actively involved into. Such issues are important to Americans and center on the rights of worker, pension benefits, fair wages and also on medical coverage.

Caesar Chavez Day

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