Day of the system administrator

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Day of the system administrator

A day of System Administrator, even identify as Sysadmin Day, Sysmas, or SysAdminDay. It is a yearly event created by Ted Kekatos, the system administrator. The occasion exists to demonstrate admiration for the work of sysadmins and some other IT employees. This day is celebrated on the July’s last Friday.

A sysadmin or system administrator, is one who is accountable for the configuration, upkeep and consistent working of computers; mainly servers.

This day is celebrated as sysadmins day in all over the world, an official acknowledgment of geekdom and effort these tech-therapists and device-doctors sacrifice because they work their magical at unsocial hours.

In admiration of their workplace assistance, system admin are to be spoilt rotten on SAD or Sysadmin, because they love to call it. The deep-rooted custom needs that all system admin be showered with devices, that they have initially dibs on the workplace coffee and that their associates do their request on this most formal day.

Day of the system administrator

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