Good Friday (in 12 US states)

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Good Friday (in 12 US states)

Two days before Easter Sunday, Good Friday is celebrated in the United States. It is the holy day when Christians honor crucifixion of Jesus Christ that plays a crucial part in the faith of Christian. It is not a central holiday in the US, though in some states, it is celebrated as a state holiday.

It is even known as Great Friday, Holy Friday, or Black Friday. It is one of the main holidays mainly observed by Christians. Every year the Good Friday’s date changes because it is depend on the Lunar Calendar. This day is celebrated during Holy Week and it falls just before the Easter Day. Basically, it is a time of penance and fasting, celebrating the death anniversary of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

It is not an authorized holiday in the US. Normal services will continue as per the schedule in few areas, like Ohio, Toledo.

Good Friday (in 12 US states)

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