International Day of Quitting

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

International Day of Quitting

You make out that feeling once you have to pull yourself out of bed daily to get to office? You no more look ahead to the meetings with colleagues and clients and writing up agreements, it all seems like a chains of tension now.

31st March is the International day of Quitting Job. With the movement you can get lots of resources, articles and ideas to support you on your promising exit strategy. After getting information from available sources, it may just happen.

There are many people that hate their jobs but still continue in them for long. It is what they know:

  • Approx 30-40% of workers are not happy at work
  • Abhorrence your work can sternly damage your whole career, your relationship, your health, and your life
  • Some people are unwilling to quit and stay for very long in their uninteresting jobs

It is obviously a recipe for tragedy for someone who experiencing stuck in a miserable work condition.

International Day of Quitting

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