Make a postcard to my brother

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Make a postcard to my brother

There are many relations in this world but brother and sister relation is out of the world. As a sister you should show your love to your brother. If you want to make a postcard for your brother then you should think about these important things.

  • You should remember that headlines should be easy to read and obvious. The caption must be clear from other text. It must even be clear what the meaning is about and attractive to your brother.
  • An uninteresting caption will avoid your postcard from being easily read.
  • Images can even break or make a postcard. The pictures that you select must relate to the meaning and be visually fascinating.
  • Out of focus or dull images will not make an impression of your message.
  • In case you are sending postcards series, keep consistent the design. It will assist to establish brand acknowledgment and draw more concentration to your postcard.

Make a postcard to my brother

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