St. Valentine's Day

SerSam, 23 Jul 17

St. Valentine's Day

This is the most popular day among youth and celebrated with full enthusiasm. Every year on 14th February, many people, (not only young but of every age group) exchange greetings, cards, gifts, flowers and candy with their “valentine.” It is a special day of romance. Does this word open up the ear and eyes of every person who is reading this content.

People all over the world celebrate this day as a symbol of love and affection.

· You can take your valentine on a romantic candle night dinner.

· You can gift a bouquet of red rose which symbolize your love

· This day is a best day to propose your love

· Take your valentine to a wonderful long drive

· Surprise your valentine with wonderful gifts

Valentine's Day is even known as Saint Valentine's Day. It is a holiday celebrated and originated as the feast day of Western Christian liturgical honoring early saint, Valentinus. This day is a significant mix of cultural celebration and commercial celebration in several regions around entire world, though it is not the public holiday of any country.

St. Valentine's Day

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